Cohn Arboretum

After spending practically all winter and most of spring stuck inside, the Traverse Family finally gets a outside adventure.  They wanted to commune with the outdoors. They tried their luck with some bamboo climbing.  Beryl where did you go? They found some shade to relax in.  The bamboo climb tired their little suction cups. They … More Cohn Arboretum

New Friend

The Traverse Family got to meet the Amanda.  Yes, Amanda!  They were so excited. For some reason she separate India from the ohers.  What did you do Indi?

Travel Prep 2016

I told the Traverse Family that we were going on another trip.  They were not happy about it. After I told them we were driving, not flying, they were excited. But, of course the have there own idea about where we should travel. Instead of traveling across country, we will go experience some southern hospitality. … More Travel Prep 2016

More Snow

The Traverse Family wants to know why it is their responsibility to clean the snow off of their ride. Beryl is a little overwhelmed. Swank got it all under control. No time to rest, there is more snow.


King Cake vs. Blue Bell Ice Cream!!!!! How will the Traverse Family decide on which on to try first? They have never seen a King Cake before.  It is so big, but will it be enough for four bots? Ohhhh!  Cookies and Cream Blue Bell!  They want to know who purchased the small size.  There … More Decisions