Rock Climbing

The Traverse Family decided to try some rock climbing at Rock City in Minneapolis, KS. Come on Posey, catch up. Now Swank is falling behind. Almost there. Posey made it to the top.

Going to Town

The Traverse Family recent visited Downtown Baton Rouge with Samantha Lynn. They did some practice swims, but not in the water. Someone had to photo bomb their picture. The notice there were a lot of rules.  But, no!  They did not climb on the wall. Wait, what are the bots doing with at token from … More Going to Town

Baton Rouge Zoo

Yes, it hot!  But, the Traverse Family insisted on getting out and seeing some elephants.  Sorry, guys but the Baton Rouge Zoo no longer has any elephant.  You will have to settle for… Exploring the world! Not feeding the monkeys. Watching the gazelles. Whoa!  Giraffe. Up close with a view finder.