vs. The Ice

The Traverse Family adventure outside the day after the Ice Storm of 2017. The grass had iced over. The little tumble weed was covered. They found the rocks had sheets of ice over them. So, they decide to do some ice climbing. They thought the ice resembled them; you could see something running through the … More vs. The Ice

Conquered by Snow

The Traverse Family decided to climb mount driveway snow today.  Indi reached the top, the other struggle a bit. Then they decided to build a snowman, but the dry snow just crumbled and stuck to the suction cups. They gave up on snowman idea and decided to bury Indi. Once their suction cups went numb, they … More Conquered by Snow

Snow Play

Today the Traverse Family took the 360 Video Camera and went out to play in the snow.  However, they only got one video because it was 5 degrees and their suction cups were freezing. The 360 video is located here: Snow Play Video Pause the video and you can scroll around the screen.

Going to Town

The Traverse Family recent visited Downtown Baton Rouge with Samantha Lynn. They did some practice swims, but not in the water. Someone had to photo bomb their picture. The notice there were a lot of rules.  But, no!  They did not climb on the wall. Wait, what are the bots doing with at token from … More Going to Town

New Friend

The Traverse Family got to meet the Amanda.  Yes, Amanda!  They were so excited. For some reason she separate India from the ohers.  What did you do Indi?

More Snow

The Traverse Family wants to know why it is their responsibility to clean the snow off of their ride. Beryl is a little overwhelmed. Swank got it all under control. No time to rest, there is more snow.