More Snow

The Traverse Family wants to know why it is their responsibility to clean the snow off of their ride. Beryl is a little overwhelmed. Swank got it all under control. No time to rest, there is more snow. Advertisements


King Cake vs. Blue Bell Ice Cream!!!!! How will the Traverse Family decide on which on to try first? They have never seen a King Cake before.  It is so big, but will it be enough for four bots? Ohhhh!  Cookies and Cream Blue Bell!  They want to know who purchased the small size.  There … More Decisions

Escape from Dallas

After leaving Nebraska 5 hours and 38  minutes late, the Traverse Family arrives in Dallas just in time to see their connecting flight pull away from the gate. Not a oroblem, they decided to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Reata Grill in Terminal D. Yumm!  Now, for the 3 hour wait for the … More Escape from Dallas

New Bot

The Traverse Family got to watch as a new Bot was being printed. First the feet…. Then the body…. They had trouble containing ther excitement as the head was printed. After two long hours, the new bot was done.  Wait!  What do you mean it has to cool? Eventually, the bot was free from the … More New Bot