The Great Christmas Tree

The Traverse Family explored there first Christmas Tree.  They were enjoyed the light and ornaments. Indi Swank Posey Beryl Finally, after a lot of effort (by there official positioner) they made it to the top of the tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS! !! Advertisements

The Diverted Flight

The Traverse Family got to visit Shreveport, Louisiana unexpectedly .  They were resting on the plane. When the pilot announced that due to something popping out, the plane would have to make an emergency landing in Shreveport. Then the Stewardess announced the plane may need to be evacuated through the emergency exit once we landed. … More The Diverted Flight

Indi, Really!

The Traverse Family traveled all the way to the refrigerator and found some Diet Coke. With most of the Diet Coke gone, is Indi really simeine nice? And, Beryl is going to think twice about standing near a “mistletoe” bottle again.

Vs. The Snow

The Traverse Family took some time out of their laziness to go visit some snow. Their first attempt at making snow angels. Next, they built a fort for a snowball fight. But, they got cold before the could make the first snowball and headed inside.