Superman, Spiderman, and more..

During their visit to Mississippi, the Traverse Family got to see some superheroes.

I'm Iron Man
No, we are Iron Man

Indi had no clue who these guys were, but hung with them anyway.

Indi chilling we some guys

Beryl met his hero Aquaman and Aquaman and another Aquaman.

If Beryl could only swim.

Posey was riding high after meeting Superman and Wonder Woman.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just Posey.

Swank thought Batman and Robin were a bit square, but wanted to be them anyway.

Batman, Robin and Swankman.

They found some new rides


They tried to scale walls like Spiderman.


The smarter bots, just caught a ride.

It's Superman

The bots would like to thank the Super Wagers for letting them hang out with their friends.


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