The Londoner

The Traverse Family visited another land when they had lunch at The Londoner Grill in Baton Rouge, LA.

The first thing they noticed was the Red Bus park in front of the grill.

A bus from England

If it wasnt for all the “English” decoration, The Londoner could be mistaken for a sports grill.



The Shepard’s Pie was amazing.  Their lunch companion let them sample her Chicken Caesars Salad, and it was delicious.

The wait staff was nice and pleasant and kerp the drinks filled.   The only issue Swank and Beryl had was the volume on the TV.  But, they should have known better then go on a Sunday afternoon during American football season.

Oh, the noise make bots parts vibrate.

3 out of 4 bots would recommend The Londoner .  The 4 one would recommend it too, but not during any sports season.


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