Sam Original Restaurant and BBQ

The Traverse Family visited Sam Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas.


The restaurant had a huge parking with a lot of cars.  The restaurant is located in a large metal building and contains a gift shop.

The first thing the noticed on entering the building was that it smells.  Pribably a combination of the gift shop perfumes and the food.

There was a waiting list, but no problem they were really busy.  The wait was only about 7 minutes.

The Traverse’s decided to get the buffet.


The lettuce and fruit seemed like they had been sitting around for a while.  The green beans were over cooked and the meatloaf was dry. 

The bots contemplated that maybe Sam’s strength was the fried food.  It look like it was cooked very well, but they  guessed it probably didnt have much flavor.


They bread was cooked well, but nothing to rave about.

The wait staff was exceptional.  Even though the restaurant was extremely busy, they waitress came to the table immediately.  She was friendly and made sure the drink glasses were filled.  Sam’s employees set the standards for all employees.

Only 2 out 4 bots can recommend  Sam.


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