Holy Family Shrine

The Traverse Family visited the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, NE.  They think it is one of the most amazing buildings in Nebraska. They found beauty all around them.  Even on a cold fall day. They loved the steam that ran from a fountain in the gift shop, down the walk way, and through the … More Holy Family Shrine

Friday’s Adventure

Do you know what happens on Friday in a small southern town, in October.  Well, the Traverse Family learned all about Homecoming. First was the 10 a.m. pep rally. Next on the agenda was the 7 p.m. football game. Did their team win?  Well, it didn’t really matter, they just went to cheer on the … More Friday’s Adventure


The Traverse Family had a few wooo moments during their recent outings.  First that saw some big crosses at Bethany Workd Prayer Center. Next they found a gigantic bot.

But, We Have A Job

The Traverse Family was a little reluctant to help get some sweeping done.  They insisted that there job was to be in pictures. Instead, they elected to join Storytime in the backyard. However, once they heard that there would be no traveling until the car was fixed, they got stuck on that project.

The Londoner

The Traverse Family visited another land when they had lunch at The Londoner Grill in Baton Rouge, LA. The first thing they noticed was the Red Bus park in front of the grill. If it wasnt for all the “English” decoration, The Londoner could be mistaken for a sports grill. The Shepard’s Pie was amazing.  … More The Londoner

Louisiana-Been There

The Traverse Family traveled to Louisiana.   They weren’t very excited because they already spent a lot of time in boxes in Louisiana and were afraid they may be placed in boxes once again. However, they did get to meet Samantha. They visited a Chapel and Beryl was inspirational. The bots enjoyed climbing the tree.  But, … More Louisiana-Been There

Chick-fil-a Review

The Traverse Family  visited the Chick-fil-a in Yukon, OK.  They were surprised how many people were there at 6 p.m.  and an employee was outside working the drive thru. Ordering of food went quickly and they provide a table marker, so no standing and waiting for the food. However, on examination of the table marker, … More Chick-fil-a Review