Panera Bread – Tulsa

The Traverse Family decided that Panera Bread  would be the dining selection  for the night.

The hostess, also known as the manager, patiently waited while I looked over the menu and was very helpful.

The food was good and warm.  However, Beryl forgot to remind me to tell them no salad dressing.  Yep, we are those people that eat the salad dry.

Strawberry Salad - Beryl believes he is in heaven

The server quickly brought out the food, and later while I was typing this review asked to take the dishes away.

The restaurant was fresh and clean.   The only problem we have is Pepsi. Really, they serve Pepsi.  Tea is also an option, but they can keep that too with their coffee.

Their saying is too eat clean.  But, they serve white bread.  White bread is so bad for you, but taste so good,  how is that clean?

3 of 4 Traverse Family Bots can recommend this restaurant.  However they will be back.  Maybe not to this location, but another one on their travels.


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