Maglieaux’s on the Cane

The Traverse Family visited this restaurant on Labor Day, 2015, at lunch time.  The restaurant was busy, not overly crowded.

The décor of the restaurant gives you feeling that you are in a nice restaurant from the freshly painted walls to the cloth tablecloths and napkins.  They have outside dining which allows you to over look the Cane.  However, the hostess did not offer that as a option.  The table the hosted selected, provided a nice view of downtown Natchitoches.  However, the old painted writing on the windows interfered with the view.

The service was slow, very slow.  It took the waiter about 10 minutes to initially come to the table.  When he did, he was nice and friendly, and seem a bit distracted.  He took the drink order and on second thought  (it seemed) he asked if I wanted anything else.  Since is was Natchitoches, home of the Natchitoches Meat Pies, how could we not order the Mini Meat Pies.  About 5 minutes later he returned with the drinks and on second thought (it seemed) he took my lunch order of Shrimp Po-boy.  About 30 minutes later he brought out the Mini Meat Pies.

Traverse Family review Mini Meat Pies
Traverse Family review Mini Meat Pies

The meat pies were cooked well.  They were not hot, nor were they cold.  They were like they had been sitting under a warming lamp in the kitchen for the last 30 minutes.  Some of them were also served upside down.  Not very important but was prelude to the fine detail the kitchen staff did not provide.

The waiter checked several times and keep drinks filled.  About 30 minutes after the appetizer was served, the waiter returned to say the food would be up shortly and explained the kitchen staff was backed up.  Approximately 10 minutes later the Shrimp Po-boy arrived.

Shrimp Po-boy
Shrimp Po-boy

Again, the major problem with the meal itself was the fine detail.  The fries were in the same state as the meat pies.  Not hot, not cold.  They just been sitting for a while, and one was over cooked.  Where the po-boy was cut, it had green stuff on the bread.  What did the kitchen staff cut, before they cut the po-boy?  The shrimp were just a bit to salty.

Overall, there are worst restaurants and there are better restaurants.  However, only 2 out 4 Traverse Family Bots can recommend this restaurant.



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