Hide and Seek

Since it was raining, the Traverse Family decided to play Hide and Seek. A few of the bots regretted their hiding places? Posey discovers the dryer. Swank discover a can isn’t just for trash any more. Beryl quickly lost feeling in his suction cups. Indi didn’t  really want to play and had others things to … More Hide and Seek

Walk in the Park

It was time to get the Traverse Family some exercise.  Exercise is important to keep those joint lubricated and the suction cups sticking. A one mile walk around the lake is a good start. Swank really wanted to know if they had to walk around the lake. Indi noticed it was a bit windy. Posey … More Walk in the Park

The Chocolate Bar

The Traverse Family had lunch at The Chocolate Bar.  It is more then a bar that sells chocolate.  It is a coffee bar which opens at 7:30 am.  It is a cafe at lunch time and bakery where you can order baked goods. They serve alcohol during the day with entertainment some evenings. The lunch … More The Chocolate Bar

Exercise Time

The Traverse Family Bots went to the gym today for some exercise.  They survived the trip and no plastic was broken. First some stretching. They were determine to get to the top bar. They thought the bike was interesting. Lifting weights helps build muscles. I think they over did it.


The Traverse Family travels took them to a grocery store. They may be staying in the car the next time.

Next Trip

We just completed our road trip and the Traverse Family is planning the next on. Little do they know, their next trip will be to the gym and grocery store.